3DTupo.com (3D突破)是中国本土3D打印的一站式资源平台。与战略合作伙伴 3dprintingindustry.com 的紧密合作,具备世界领先的3D打印资源优势。我们提供在3D打印科技的新产品,行业内个人成功经验,同时不间断刷新新闻、教育资讯及大中华区内的社会交流活动。我们的目标是在专业领域建立更广阔的兴趣关注,从而加快3D打印在中国及世界领域的更大发展。



许任棠 – 董事长


 莫理斯 – 总编辑



查文达 – 首席技术总监

3DTupo-watermark.jpg出生成长于香港,查文达拥有超过16年的网络开发及电子商务的良好业务实战经验。 作为美国密歇根大学的毕业生,他拥有过硬的网络及移动为基础的技术。在产品创新及多多媒体营销对于不论是美国还是亚洲市场都是不可或缺的。目前他作为中国区域多媒体顾问公司的董事总经理,他同时负责3D突破的网站开发及管理。

张泽恩 – 销售总监



About 3DTupo Media Limited

3DTupo.com (3D突破) is a one-stop resource for the Chinese community on everything related to 3D printing. Working in close collaboration with our strategic partner, 3dprintingindustry.com, the world's leading online resource of 3D printing, we provide the latest news on development of 3D printing technologies, products, stories of personalities involved in 3D printing as well as delivering daily news, educational resources and social networking within the Greater China region. Our goal is to help to develop wide interests among professionals, enthusiasts and laypersons so to accelerate growth of 3D printing in China and worldwide. 

3DTupo Media Limited Founders


Cyrus Hui  – Chairman

3DTupo-watermark.jpgRetired since 2005, Cyrus remains active in diversified fields: as an amateur novelist, art prosumer, and consultant and entrepreneur in media and technologies. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cyrus received his tertiary education in the US. He had spent his earlier career in international banking in US, Europe and Asia, and later in venture investing and executive management in the Great China.

 Trevor Morris – Managing Editor

3DTupo-watermark.jpgTrevor is an experienced Hongkong-based producer in film, TV and other media, who among other things has written and produced English-language documentaries for the likes of NatGeo and Discovery Channel, various Chinese-language movies for Walt Disney Studios, as well as "DragonBlade", China's first full-CGI feature-length animated film. With an additional background in law which is invaluable to his work, he also holds a Ph.D in the subject from Cambridge University, worked on the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and is currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at Hong Kong University.

Manpreet Chadha – Chief Technology Director

3DTupo-watermark.jpgBorn and raised in Hong Kong, Manpreet has over 16 years experience in web development and e-commerce best business practices. As a graduate of the University of Michigan, USA, he has considerable knowledge within the field of web and mobile-based technology, product innovation and multimedia marketing which has contributed to the success of companies both in the US and Asia. Currently serving as a Managing Director of a successful China-based multimedia consultancy, Open Creative Limited, Manpreet is responsible for the overall 3DTupo.com website development and management.

CY Cheung – Sales Director

3DTupo-watermark.jpgCY brings with him more than 18 years experience in software sales engineering and holds a degree from the University of Kansas, USA in Computer Science. As a qualified Sales Engineer, he's currently Managing Director of Open Creative Limited, a successful China-based multimedia consultancy. Working on all aspects of web-based software and hardware solutions, CY advises clients from Hong Kong Disneyland, PCCW, Hong Kong Tourism Board, Carlsberg to name a few, with various internet and new media marketing solutions. CY is responsible for executing the overall sales strategies and online marketing activities for 3DTupo.com.



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